The logical conclusion of the “shithole” controversy


The many people online defending the President’s calling Haiti, El Salvador, and THE CONTINENT OF AFRICA “shithole countries” make me sick.

Let’s follow the logical path forward. I would never use such a term to describe any of these countries, but I would agree that many have serious issues that can make them unsafe to live in and visit, depending on where you go (though I would never apply that description to THE ENTIRETY OF AFRICA). But you know what? The same could be said of the President’s beloved New York City, a place I and he both love to visit.

Anyway, following the logical path a bit more: if these countries are such “shitholes,” don’t we as a “Christian” nation have a moral and spiritual obligation to help them and to welcome the vulnerable and desperate into our “great” country as best we can? I’m not going to start quoting scripture, but the instructions to do so are legion.

So, are we a nation of people who follow “Christian” principles, or are we just a nation of selfish liars? We can’t have it both ways, no matter what the President says.