Brooks on the rot

David Brooks sums this up well and this is worth your time to read, wherever you fall on the political spectrum.

For my part, it’s impossible at some level to completely separate the person of Christ from the body of Christ on earth. If you want people to know Jesus, the real actual savior Jesus (not a concept, but a person), think about what you’re doing to the way people of my generation and younger see his followers. If you dare to call yourself Christian, think.


An excerpt:

“The Republican Party is doing harm to every cause it purports to serve. If Republicans accept Roy Moore as a United States senator, they may, for a couple years, have one more vote for a justice or a tax cut, but they will have made their party loathsome for an entire generation. The pro-life cause will be forever associated with moral hypocrisy on an epic scale. The word “evangelical” is already being discredited for an entire generation. Young people and people of color look at the Trump-Moore G.O.P. and they are repulsed, maybe forever.


You don’t help your cause by wrapping your arms around an alleged sexual predator and a patriarchic bigot. You don’t help your cause by putting the pursuit of power above character, by worshiping at the feet of some loutish man or another, by claiming the ends justify any means. You don’t successfully rationalize your own tawdriness by claiming your opponents are satanic. You don’t save Christianity by betraying its message.”